Early Years Childcare

With childcare now unaffordable for so many, change is needed.

Lib Dem candidate for Edinburgh Central, Bruce Wilson, said: "This is a topic close to my heart (I am the proud dad of three incredible kids).

"When our first child arrived we struggled with money, as many couples do. What struck us was that even with decent jobs, childcare was nearly unaffordable. Talking with other parents, they also struggled to make ends meet and many ended up with one partner stopping work for a number of years. 

"The reality is that new parents, usually mothers, can leave well paid jobs and then return to lower paid part-time work many years later. This undermines our ability to tackle the gender pay gap and also leaves kids with fewer social interactions.

"the Liberal Democrats want to see a universal entitlement to affordable childcare that helps parents in those critical early years. This would then boost the economy when they in turn contribute more in tax."

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