Ending Homelessness in Edinburgh Central

With the pandemic occupying every area of our lives, there are times when it feels like there is only negative news.

One of the areas that has seen much improvement in Edinburgh this past year is the rate of homelessness and in particular rough sleeping. The ‘Welcome Centre’ has focused on rapid re-accommodation to ensure those that find themselves in the difficult position to potentially have to sleep on the streets can access support 24hrs. Coupled with policies like ‘Housing First’ which ensure dignity and self-esteem are cornerstones of rehousing, we can make homelessness a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, the ‘Welcome Centre’ does not have funding to run year-round and so with questions as to how we can do more to help those less fortunate. It is an easy win to provide support for this valuable resource into the future. As a liberal and progressive city, Edinburgh needs to set the standard for ensuring all its residents are treated with dignity and respect. 

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